Environmental Research Collaboration Series

Monday, December 4, 2013

The Center for the Environment hosts a monthly series of lunch research events: Environmental Research Collaborative Series.

December’s Collaboration Series session took the form of a speed-networking workshop aimed at creating fast, focused interactions between researchers who were interested in the intersections of biodiversity, urbanism, human health: “Enhancing nature in cities for people and wildlife.”

The purpose of speed networking was to create fast, focused interactions that could spark future conversations. At this workshop, participants had approximately nine 4-minute conversations with other interested researchers and kept notes on their interactions for follow up.

Model outline: 

Introduce yourself: Name and Department 
Summarize your work: “I use X to study Y for the purpose of Z” 
State what you’re looking for: 
“I’m looking for a collaborator in _____ field” 
“I’m interested in applying _____ to ______” 
“I’m putting together a grant proposal about _____” 
“I’m looking for new data sets”