The Center for the Environment is here to support you. We hope you can connect with fellow researchers, get involved in our interdisciplinary programing and engage in opportunities across our WashU Ecosystem of environmental research and practice. We are excited to work with you.

The WashU Ecosystem

Nestled within an ecosystem of entities focused on various aspects of environmental research and practice, the center serves as a connector, where we can come together to address our world’s biggest environmental challenges.

Our Scholars

Connect with WashU’s leading environmental researchers and practitioners who are digging deeper into the research themes of the center and bringing new understanding and direction for solving societies deepest challenges.


We offer ongoing opportunities for engagement in the research community such as the Environmental Research Collaboration Series, Distinguished Speaker Series, and Research Symposium.

By co-sponsoring speakers we are also able to foster an active network of environmental research.


Your contribution to the Center for the Environment supports our work to address the worlds deepest societal environmental challenges. Gifts to the Center may be made with our secure online form.  

For more information, please contact Steven Rosenblum, Associate Vice Chancellor, University Advancement, at 314-935-5308 or at .