The Environmental Research Collaboration Series is a monthly lunch series hosted by the WashU Center for the Environment. The goals of the series are to build community among researchers, learn about one another’s work, share tools, and generate ideas for future collaboration. These gatherings showcase different aspects of environmental research happening in the WashU community.

Attend the Series

Collaboration Series lunches are open to WashU faculty members and staff researchers.

Upcoming Events

Previous Collaboration Series Events

Fall 2024
  • 211 Counts: The helpline you’ve never heard of that could help pinpoint the next crisis with Matt Kreuter
    February 6
  • Indoor environmental quality through the lenses of chemistry, microbiology, and public health with Jenna Ditto, Fangqiong Ling
    March 5
  • Thinking Through Soil: aporias of health in the world’s largest sewage farm – Seth Denizen
    April 9
  • One Health, biodiversity, and viromics – Jacco Boon, Krista Milich, and Dave Wang
    May 7
Fall 2023
  • The Center for Water Innovation at Washington University with Zhen (Jason) He
    September 6
  • GIS and the environment: Tyson Research Center with Kim Medley
    October 4
  • Hazards for human physiology in neglected communities with Theresa Gildner
    November 1
  • Researcher speed networking: Enhancing nature in cities for people and wildlife with Jonathan Losos
    December 6