Understanding the systems that underpin our planet and our future.

Earth Systems consist of the Geosphere together with the Atmosphere, Biosphere, Cryosphere, and Hydrosphere. Together these five systems interact to produce the environments that surround us. Knowledge of the interactions and dynamics within Earth Systems is fundamental to the understanding and characterization of the environment. As a result, Earth Systems and Climate Change serves as an underlying foundation and cross-cutting theme for research fostered by the Center for the Environment. Climate change exacerbates threats to biodiversity, planetary health, and environmental justice that will require new research and solutions. The Center also promotes collaborative research into the operation of environmental systems today, reconstructions of their past function, and predictions of their anticipated behavior in light of a changing climate. 

Bronwen Konecky
Scholar Spotlight

Bronwen Konecky, PhD

Assistant Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences 

Konecky’s research investigates climate, water, and ecosystem variations in the Earth’s tropical regions, from the past ~150,000 years to the 21st century. 

Roger Michaelides
Scholar Spotlight

Roger Michaelides, PhD

Assistant Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences

Michaelides uses a variety of remote sensing instruments, geospatial techniques, and time series methods to study dynamic surface processes from Arctic tundra wildfires to high-desert debris flows. 

Tristram Kidder

Professor of Anthropology Professor of Environmental Studies Edward S. and Tedi Macias Professor

Environmental Archaeology, Climate Change, Climate Change Archaeology, Geoarchaeology

Jonathan  Myers

Associate Professor of Biology Program & Director, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Ecology, Biodiversity, Environmental Change, Ecosystem Function, Plant Population and Community Ecology

Lu Xu

Assistant Professor

Air Quality, Climate Change, Mass Spectrometer, Analytical Chemistry

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