Innovating solutions and strategies to address environmental challenges.

Environmental solutions encompass scientific, technological, and policy approaches to address environmental threats to human and ecosystem health. These solutions also chart a pathway towards a sustainable and equitable future. The Center for the Environment promotes environmental solutions research in air and water quality, biotechnology, agricultural practices, the built environment, and decarbonization of energy and industrial systems. Environmental solutions emerge from diverse fields, including but not limited to engineering, natural and social sciences, social work and policy, and architecture and design. The Center examines environmental solutions across timescales and in systems spanning natural, managed, and engineered environments.  

Scholar Spotlight

Arpita Bose, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Bose studies microbial metabolisms and their influence on biogeochemical cycling using an interdisciplinary approach. She seeks to generate new ways of addressing issues such as the energy crisis, pollution, biofouling, and sustainability. 

Randall Martin
Scholar Spotlight

Randall Martin, PhD

Raymond R. Tucker Distinguished Professor of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering 

Martin’s research focuses on characterizing atmospheric composition to inform effective policies surrounding major environmental and public health challenges ranging from air quality to climate change. 

Margarita  Tsoutsoura

Associate Professor in Finance

Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Political Economy

Nishant Vats

Assistant Professor of Finance

Finance & Development, Financial Intermediation, Corporate Finance, Financial Technology

Joshua VanDyke-Blodgett

Associate Professor of Biology

Microbial Biotechnology and Functional Genomics

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