Exploring and preserving the complexity of the biological world

Biodiversity is the variety and variability of all living organisms on earth, from the smallest genes to organisms to ecosystems.  It refers to the variation of life at different organizational levels, from individual genes to whole ecosystems.  Biodiversity research supported by the Center for the Environment enlightens our understanding of the origin, composition, function, and evolution of the biological world. The Center enables research that investigates the interactions between natural and human systems, the effects of climate change on biodiversity, and what can be done to ameliorate the negative consequences of this change on people and the environment. 

Rachel Penczykowski
Scholar Spotlight

Rachel Penczykowski, PhD  

Assistant Professor of Biology

Penczykowski’s research involves observational studies, manipulative experiments in the field and lab, and mathematical models. Her current focus is on wild populations of herbaceous plants and their pathogens. 

Solny Adalsteinsson

Principal Investigator & Senior Scientist, Tyson Research Center

Disease Ecology, Urban Wildlife, Population Monitoring, Conservation

Elizabeth Biro

Natural Resources Coordinator and Staff Scientist, Tyson Research Center

Wildlife Ecology, Urban Ecology, Community Ecology, Geographic Information Systems, Ecosystem Restoration

Arpita  Bose

Associate Professor of Microbiology, Packard Foundation Fellow, Climatebase Fellow, Anant Fellow for Climate Action

Circular Economy, Sustainability, Climate Change, Biotechnology

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