Climate Curricular Guides guides pull climate-related courses into thematic lists to provide interested students with suggested courses that can be taken along any course of study. These guides are simply meant to assist students in course selection. There are no requirements for completion.

Courses in the Climate and Health Guide have been compiled to provide all students interested in health and climate change with a guide to relevant areas of study. We have included a wide range of courses from different schools and disciplines in order to provide various lenses through which climate change and its implications can be understood. We encourage you to look at courses both within and outside your school or major and encourage you to look at the specific course descriptions as you determine if a course may fit within your course of study.

Contact Information

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Climate and Health Guide leads

Prof. Angela Hobson, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean For Public Health

Prof. Lora Iiannotti, Associate Professor and Associate Dean For Public Health

Special Note
  • Each course will vary in the amount of time dedicated to climate and health — please look at the course description and at our Curriculum Database for guidance.
  • Not every listing will directly relate to climate and health. Some classes may instead develop skills needed to tackling climate change as it relates to health.
  • Some courses may require prerequisites.
  • *Capstone courses are noted with an asterisk. Capstone courses often integrate project work.  Some projects may be related to Health. Please check with the instructor. 
  • **Graduate courses are noted with a double asterisk.  Not all graduate courses are open to undergraduates, please check with the instructor. 

College of Arts and Sciences

Anthro 3053Nomadic Strategies and Extreme Ecologies
Anthro 3150Securing Food: (Pre)Historic Perspectives, Present Challenges, and the Future of Human Subsistence
Anthro 3263Bioprospecting
Anthro 3283Intro to Global Health
Anthro 361Culture and Environment
Anthro 3613Follow the Thing: Global Commodities & Environment
Anthro 3617Past and Present Cultural Environments
Anthro 3618Urban Ecological Anthropology
Anthro 3795Anthropology and Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future
Anthro 3880Multispecies World: Animals, Global Health, and Environment
Anthro 4117Nature/Culture
Anthro 4287Anthropology of Water
BIOL 2950Introduction to Environmental Biology
BIOL 2960Principles of Biology I
BIOL 2970Principles of Biology II
BIOL 303AHuman Biology
BIOL 381Introduction to Ecology
BIOL 4195Disease Ecology
Chem 105Introductory General Chemistry I
Chem 106Introductory General Chemistry II
Chem 111AGeneral Chemistry I
Chem 112AGeneral Chemistry II
Chem 151General Chemistry Laboratory I
Chem 152General Chemistry Laboratory II
Chem 261Organic Chemistry with Lab
Chem 262Organic Chemistry II with Lab
EnSt 101Earth’s Future: Causes and Consequences of Global Climate Change
EnSt 102To Sustainability and Beyond: People, Planet, Prosperity
EnSt 250One Health: Linking the Health of Humans, Animals, and the Environment
EnSt 316Beyond the Evidence
EPSc 141First-Year Seminar: Unearthing the Science of Climate Change
EPSc 386The Earth’s Climate System
EPSc 586The Earth’s Climate System
History 3068An Inconvenient Truth: The Human History of Climate Change
INTER D 405Sustainability Exchange: Community and University Practicums

Brown School of Social Work

MPH 5005Environmental Health**
MPH 5107Policy, Politics, and Power in Global Health**
MPH 5323TPS Climate Change and Public Health**

McKelvey School of Engineering

EECE 309Environmental Engineering Fate and Transport
EECE 311Green Engineering
EECE 314Air Quality Engineering with Lab
EECE 407Environmental Biotechnology
EECE 504Aerosol Science and Technology
EECE 505Aquatic Chemistry
EECE 531Environmental Organic Chemistry
EECE 533Physical and Chemical Processes for Water Treatment**

Sam Fox School

ARCH 209Design Process
ARCH 307XCommunity Building
ARCH 4930In\Visible St. Louis: People, Place, and Power in the Divided City
ART 518PPhotography: Art Practice (Art, Environment, Culture & Image)
LAND 553ASeeds
LAND 560ATrees, Soils, & Systems: Introduction to Arboriculture

University College

SUST 337Sustainable Food Systems Thinking
CRM 509Health and Society
HCARE 313Introduction to Public Health
U29 Bio 482Food and Water: Global Nutrition and Ecosystem Health
U29 Bio 523Plants and People